Treatment Chemicals

We supply various water and waste water treatment chemicals which includes

Colour Removal chemical for dying waste water.

The waste water generated from various textile dying and printing units contains high amount of colour. Which required Lime and Alum to be used for colour removal, The basic issue in using lime and alum is leads to high amount of sludge generation which ultimately increase nuisance/ odor problem and also incurs disposal and handling cost. While the color removal chemical give more batter performance in color removal and minimize sludge generation.

Based on our experience for about 1 liter colour removal chemical in required to treat 1 lakh liter waste water generated from dying and printing unit.


Poly Electrolyte (flocculation chemical)

During waste water primary treatment process generates flocks of colour & suspended particles, which are very small and have low settling property. So our high molecular Poly electrolytes is recommended to get best flock formation and best and fast settling of sludge after primary chemical treatment.


High Iodine Value Coconut Activated Carbon 1000 IV

We are one of the best Distributors for purchase of best Coconut shell Activated Carbon having Iodine Value 1000 IV

Specification of Coconut shell Activated Carbon as Below

Appearance : Black Granules | Moisture : <5% | Grade :8/16 | pH : 7.6 | Iodine Absorption : 1015 mg/gm of carbon

Aperal Density : 450 – 480 g/lit | Ash content : <5%