The Sanjivni Enviro Design and Project Consultants located in Ahmedabad Gujarat is one of the leading Environmental turnkey project Management and  Environmental Consultant.We have state of the art manufacturing facility for ETP Plant / Effluent treatment plant, STP plant / Sewage treatment plant , Low cost Biogas Plant and Air pollution control system such as Dust Collector, Cyclone Separator, HCL, CL2, H2S, SO2 Scrubbers etc.


  1. ETP plant.
  2. STP plant.
  3. Industrial waste water RO Plant.
  4. Demineralization Plant.
  5. Metal removal system.
  6. Operation and maintenance contracts of ETP Plant, STP plants.
  7. Chemicals for COD reduction.
  8. Chemicals for Colour removal.
  9. Poly electrolyte, hydrated Lime, Ferric and non ferric Alum etc.
  10. Filter press, Filter cloth, Sand filters, Carbon filter.
  11. Filtration media such as Sand, Pables, Silax, Gravels, high purity
  12. Activated carbon.
  13. Air Lock Rotary valves
  14. High Efficiency Mud pumps.
  15. On line Air Pollution Monitoring system for PM, SO2, NO2.
  16. Waste gas Scrubber, Alkali Scrubber,H2S scrubber, Ammonia Scrubber, Cl2 Scrubber, Acid fume scrubbers, VOC scrubbers.
  17. Packed bed scrubber, Plate scrubbers, Venturi scrubber, Absorbers.
  18. Cyclone separator, Dust collectors etc.
  19. Anaerobic digester
  20. Biogas Plant, Biogas Bottling Plant.
  21. Biogas Purification System.


  1. Permission from GPCB for NOC, Consent to operate, change in product.
  2. Permission for Closure revocation.
  3. Waste water treat ability study.
  4. Evaluation and modification of  ETP plants.
  5. Designing and execution of rain water harvesting system.
  6. Permission from Central Ground Water Authority.
  7. Permission from  Director of industries for SSI & IEM.
  8. Ambient air quality monitoring.
  9. Stack Monitoring.
  10. Water and Waste water analysis.
  11. Hazardous waste analysis.
  12. Noise Monitoring.
  13. Illumination / Lux monitoring.
  14. Work place are monitoring.
  15. HDPE piping.
  16. M.S. Welded piping.
  17. Acid proof brick lining.
  18. FRP lining.